Motives, Intentions, Reasons…….

Lourd praised Tiffany’s discipline and ideology. He compared the plans of the latest summa cum laude on how she can make a difference in improving Juan’s life to the way of the young activists who also yearn for change in the present society.

His remarks earned the ire of some veteran activist. I can’t blame them, he made them look like posers attending a rock concert without knowing any song of the icon they claim they’re lauding for.

I somehow agree with Lourd. I attended a state university when I was in college, and student activism was a common sight in our campus then. I was impressed by the activities they came up with to educate the public about the issues they were fighting for. A lot of them earned my respect back then especially those who were able to “enlighten” me with the issues they wanted the general to be aware of.

Sadly, there were some who were  clueless of why they  wanted us to listen to their symposia, to read their pamphlets, to march with them in Mendiola, and to aide their cause. Some of them were just being “maangas” because of the radical beliefs of their group……..


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