Yes, I am guilty………..At my age, I still am very much dependent to my mom, financially. I’m very much able, it;s just that, my means is not enough. It’s been like this for the last four years.

Me and my son live with her, ever since. All through these years that I’ve started earning money, I was never given a financial responsibility in our household. It was always voluntary on my part.

During my first year as a wage earner, I assumed the responsibility of paying our electric bill, and occasionally, our phone bill. Only those…….

When I became pregnant, my wage-earning status went into hiatus thus my financial obligation was also shelved. When I returned to the world of workers, I took the liberty to be in charge of the house help’s. During those times, my mom would sometimes be in charge of my child’s basic necessities, even my daily fare.

It came to a point that my salary was way above the minimum wage, yet the irony of it, I would still be asking my mom for financial help, to think that it’s just me and my son that I need to take care of.

It’s the same scenario at present. It really pains me everytime I ask from her. It makes me feel incompetent…weak…wretched…..I’m working, but my means is simply not enough….AND I DON’T KNOW WHY…


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