Self, wrapped in pity and dipped in hatred and doubt

It’s all just a matter of time
between the days and the nights
from a child being born
to the taking of a life
you’ll see it will be
it’s all just a matter of time
till what’s new becomes old
what’s good becomes bad
from what’s bought is sold
so just close your eyes
and wait for a while
tomorrow is still one whole day
so don’t despair
soon what’s in your hair
will forever be brushed away
cause it’s all just a matter of time
till what you’ve done get’s erased
till love lost returns
till what you broke is replaced
you’ll see it will be

Matter of Time by Wolfgang

It all started when I felt worthless again. it actually happens every time I question my existence in this force field. It is triggered when what i have done seems just a waste of time. Why do i feel such? I don’t know…….

It has been been 20 years since this agony has started, or maybe even longer….I don’t know..All I’m aware of is that what I can do is not enough and what I do is just a locomotion that lacks essence and value. Worthless, contemptible pretending to contemplate, incognito, oblivious despite my gigantic size. Yeah, that’s me, an enormous ball of nothingness.

I just breathe because my system needs to exhale the Carbon Dioxide in my system. That’s it. It’s just mechanical.

But this will go away, eventually. At one point I’ll realize that everything around will not freeze just because I had my moment of insanity, yet life will continue to revolve. This damnation I’m wallowing at will cease its existence, just give me time. It’s all just a matter of time.