What Will You Do If It’s ABOUT TIME?


If you know how much time you have to live, will you enjoy your remaining time to the fullest or will you find ways on how you can prolong it?

Join Mikaela Choi as you ponder for answers…..

About Time Trailer


Little House in the Forest: A Review

Watching tvN’s latest reality show, “Little House in the Forest”, lets you enjoy the serenity and calmness of isolation. The beautiful scenery of Jeju island’s outback is the perfect venue to showcase Park Shin Hye’s and So Ji Sub’s inner thoughts and reflections about their fast-paced lives being part of Korea’s Halyu world.

Who would’ve thought that both stars are domesticated enough to fend for themselves? The show revealed that happiness can still be achieved thru simple things such as eating ramyeon, waking up to the sounds of birds in the early morning, enjoying warmth from the heat of a furnace, preparing food your mother fed you when you were little, listening to the whistling of the wind, discovering droplets of rain on the leaves, reading under the sun and watching the bright stars that fill the night sky.

Photo credits to en.asiatoday.lhitfco.k

Pang-surface ka lang ba talaga, Kulasa?


You should be proud kasi……………….dapat nga ba akong maging proud?

Masakit kasi yung realization e…….nakakapangduda ng pagkatao………..

Parang thats all I can offer.

Pero pwede rin namang yun lang nakita niya sa akin e.

It was his loss, not mine.

Keep your head up high. Tuloy ang ikot ng mundo kaya tuloy din ang agos ng buhay.

Momentarily insanity lang ito.